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Enlarged lymph node & swallowing sensation

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Hi all,

Over the last six months I've been having a tight feeling in my throat, which in turn, my doctor ordered an ultrasound of the neck. The ultrasound found lymph nodes about the size of 1.2cm x 1.0cm x 0.6cm in the submandibular area. It also found an 8mm thyroid nodule.

Recently I had a followup ultrasound which showed bilateral submandibular lymph nodes of 2.2cm x 2.1cm x 0.9cm and 2.3cm x 1.6cm x 0.8cm, which the radiologist said "they were unsure based on the ultrasound images if these are reactive or not". Also the thyroid nodule was no longer found. Over this time the tightness in the throat has turned into a feeling of something being in my throat. It isn't severe, it just feels like I'm swallowing around something. I can swallow liquids and food ok, but I feel that sensation all the time. Once again it is not severe, just a mild feeling that I have had for a long time. I feel it in the area around the adam's apple in my throat, that is why I thought it was the thyroid.

My family doctor wants to wait 2 more months, then do another ultrasound. I would like to at least go to see an ENT specialist, but she prefers another ultrasound. I am a 25 year old male, so I know the odds are extremely rare it is anything serious, but this is a weird feeling and why are my nodes getting bigger?

Does anybody have any experience with something like this or have any idea what can cause this?

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replied March 23rd, 2011
Hi Dantetila,
Have you found something new, yet? I recently have the same symptom like you. A ultrasound found a 1.2cm enlarged lymph node. Very worry now. Hope you are doing well. I will let you know if I found something new with mine.
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