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enlarged lungs

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I quit smoking several years ago along with my wife. I went to basic training for the military. while there I had to have x-rays done they said they were very large and x-rays needed to be taken in 2 sections possibly from smoking for many years. My question is: will my lungs shrink back to size after awhile?
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First Helper Dibaby

replied November 1st, 2010
Enlarged Lungs/Will they shrink if you & girlfriend quit smo
my boyfriend was just told today that his lungs are enlarged;He has COPD,but herre's the bad news;He quit smoking 20 years ago when it became hard for him to breath1 He has had x-rays done several times in the past,never had enlarged lungs up-until now! So,doesn't mean that your situation is the same,but seeings how he hasn't smoked in over 20 years,it doesnt seem that lungs would reduce in size if you quit! But I'm sure because everyone is different,it doesnt mean that your lungs will not shrink back to normal size;just like my boyfriend;Meaing my boyfriend's lungs may shrink back also!This could be a change in weather or many other things going on!
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