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Energy very low

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I have great exercise program walking at 72 yr old. But doing work outside, in garden and other projects, I become extremely exhausted in a short time. Bypass in Jun 2007. Recent stress test all okay.
How can I restore the energy level?
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replied September 15th, 2009
Hi mccooougd: I would suggest ( against all mediacl opinios you have heard) you have all your hormones checked, adopt a zero processed foods diet (mainly, fruits, vegetables, proteins and "good fats") and eliminate your cholesterol medications.

Statines normally will take all energy and desires fromm anybody. The only people who don´t know this are doctors.

Look for an osteopathic doctor.

Above 60 years of age you should not take any cholesterol medication because cholesterol is the means by which all hormones travel thru the body. Low cholesterol means low hormones that you need to live well.
Best wishes.
Alfredo E.
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