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Me and my boyfriend regularly make love and like to find new things to try and recently we started anal stimulation on one another. We bought a shower enema kit for our play and because we've read that regular colon cleansing is good for you. Question though is, is there any risks to doing it too often? I mean we've read that yes it can be dangerous to try and use too much and could rupture something etc, but what about like if doing it for pleasure, weekly, daily more than once a day, is it safe or can it lead to problems? Is there a difference in how it affects us being man or woman?
We want to get a better idea if we decide use more than occasionally.

Wasn't sure whether to put this in women's or men's forum since it's for both of us, so I put here >_o
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replied November 28th, 2008
Enemas have been used as a method of treating a variety of health disorders as well as a means to administer fluids and drugs as go back to as long ago as ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. Though mainly seen as a way to relieve constipation by the general population, enemas are freely available and are largely self-administered, with no or little oversight.

For a normal healthy person who is taking an enema to improve health and well-being, you can take Enema once a week. Be sure to use room temperature spring water that is clean, or 24-hour distilled water for your enema.
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