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Endometriosis controlling my life

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I've had endo for almost 10 years now. After 5 surgeries and 3 rounds of Lupron, my body is a stranger to me. I no longer feel myself and find comfort in any gynecologist. Lately I've realized how worn down I am. I cannot make it to work and people at work talk about it....and I know I shouldn't worry about what others think. However, I take pride in everything I do.
I've been thinking I need to find some kind of work that I could do from home. But I don't trust any sites or information I've heard on these kinds of jobs.

Im just struggling. Didn't know if anyone else feels the same way. It's a lonely battle that seems to never end.
Thanks for listening. And Good luck to all of you.
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replied May 14th, 2012
Endo Taking over my life!
I too have been dealing with Endo for 10 years now and have also had 5 surgeries to remove what they could find. I thought I was reading my own story when I read this! lol I did Lupron a few years ago for 7 months and said I would NEVER do it again. It just wasn't worth all of the side effects. But it did buy me the time to have the baby that I was told that I probably never have so I'm happy for that. But now she is 2 and I am back in pain and went back on Lupron for 3 months before last week telling my doctor NO MORE! I was becoming a crazy person, couldn't get much sleep thanks to night sweats and hot flashes. My bones hurt, especially when it rains, my hair was falling out, I was gaining weight, and well you must know all the rest. It sucks. It's effected my work, my family being tired of me going through this, my boyfriend of 6 years being tired of dealing with it, I'm sick of it, sometimes I can't run around and play with my daughter because I feel so bad. I'm ready to just take it all out! But my doc understands that I'm not going to take the Lupron anymore but is puttingme on Nohethindrone. She said I would feel wonderful and not have nearly the same symptoms as the lupron but when I just read the side effects, they were all the same ones?!? Have you tried this? I would love to hear any thoughts on this.

Hang in there girl! You are not alone Smile

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