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Endometriosis confusion.

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About 18 months ago I was rushed to emergency with a burst ovarian cyst. I had a laparoscopy to drain the cyst & was diagonsed with endometriosis. Prior to this experience my periods were always irregular & I had a lot of bladder & bowel problems.I would experience bladder infection like symptoms (blood in urine, frequency, burning) but no infection would show in a urine test. My bowel problems consisted of servere constipation. My periods were never that painful but in the months leading up to the burst cyst my cycle became very painful. I was started on the contraceptive pill, in the attempt to skip periods but became very ill-nausea etc. A few months after the surgery I still was experiencing a lot of pain so I saw a gyno. I was diagnosed with servere endo & he put me on a stronger pill. I underwent another laparoscopy 5 months after my previous one. Suprisingly the gyno said he found no sign of endo (even though he had given me an internal examination claiming he could feel it). The findings in that laparoscopy were that I was very swollen & had a lot of fluid around the uterus. The gyno took swabs for infections but all the swabs turned out normal. I was given another pill to try and was told to see him in a few months. In that few months I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety due to being on three different variations of the pill in a little over 5 months. I now take Zoloft for the depression.

I am no longer on the contraceptive pill, due to my depression and see a new gynocologist. I experience terrible period pain, including a persistent burning in my vagina in the week leading up to my period. I also have heavy periods and experience light headiness and dizziness. Sex has always been painful-either burning or pelvic pain during and afterwards. Actually any stimulation to that area is painful. My bowels have not improved and I take 2 movicol every night to make me go however it is difficult still to 'go.' It as if the stools are fine but to push out is difficult. I get very bloated all the time, especially by the end of the day.
The gyno and gastrologist are suggesting I have muscle and nerve damage to my downstairs area which is why I get the burning and the difficult bowel movements. The gyno put me on endep for suspected vulvodynia (which I don't believe I have). I also have to see a physio to strengthen the pelvic floor. Both specialists admitted that they are unsure at the moment. I go to acupunture twice a week now to help with the pain and to improve my emotional wellbeing.

I guess I feel as though noone really knows what to do and I'm wondering if anyone can help? Is all of this caused by endometriosis and is it possible the last gyno missed it? Or does anyone have suspected nerve damage...does it feel like it is burning?
Can anyone help?
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replied December 7th, 2011
Yes endometriosis does cause all of those things Im speaking from experience. I have had surgery to removea cyst and they found endo which the had to scrape my uterus. I now am on a continuos dose of bc to skip my cycle which has made a complete difference. Now the burning and other symptoms of a uti without there actually being I have those same things and was diagnosed with a condition of the bladder called interstitial cystitis maybe you could ask your gyn or urologist about it. endo also affects your bowels i have those problems sometimes not going for over a week and feeling miserable. I pray you get all of this straightened out and get to feeling better.
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replied January 1st, 2012
Thank you so much for your reply.
It made me cry because it is really hard putting up with all these horrible pains all the time-thank you so much for offering your advice and caring!

I pray you continue to improve and feel better =]
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