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endimetriosis patient trying to conceive

Dear doctor,
I am a 24 year old lady from Malta. I\'ve been suffering from endo since i got my periods.I had laparoscophy on June 2009 and then 6 months treatment with injections, in which i felt all menopause symptoms. after that i am taking 3 sachets of yasmin pills to stop having my periods each month. In fact i m having my periods every 2.5 months. The doctors here told me to try to get pregnant immediately, but i wasn\'t ready. Now i m ready to try, cause better now than never, maybe it will be too late for me in future! I just wanted to ask, if i will get pregnant now,will that chest on my right ovary, interrupt with my pregnancy? or first i must remove it? and please tell me which are the best days when i can try to get pregnant, after i will stop my pill?
Thanks a lot and i m waiting for your reply. Please reply on my email adress, thanks
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replied November 27th, 2010
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Hi felisia: I would suggest that you visit your OB-GYN and have a complete physical examination...When you see him/her tell them of all the past problems that you have had...There may be some minor surgery that they wish to do to help you get pregnant...Hopefully this will help...Take care..

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