This depression forum is the most popular by far so what i'm saying is not news to anyone... i'm just writing this to illustrate my thoughts and perhaps get some advice on the confusion and emptiness that has been plaguing me.

I'm 19 years old and have many reasons to be happy where i am in life right now, boyfriend, good friends, job, live in a nice neighborhood and i'm relatively healthy... I try to be thankful for everything that i'm blessed with but all i can see is the dark side of things. I failed over half of my classes at community college because i don't feel motivated to do anything or learn anything. I used to love having intellectual conversations with people but i can't even think anymore because I have a hard time processing information which really scares me. I feel emotionally vacant besides the feeling of sadness I don't get excited about anything, I don't have anything to be proud of and no ambitions. NOTHING interests me anymore, sex doesn't feel good, the list goes on.

My entire perspective has been turned upside down and I yearn for nothing more than to feel things the way i used to. This has become progressively worse over the past few years... especially after my back surgery last year. I am just CONFUSED why have i felt this way the past few years? no one in my life has the slightest idea anything is wrong with me it sounds pathetic but you guys are the only people i feel comfortable revealing this information to.
~ Diana
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replied June 26th, 2013
Hey Diana
I am so sorry to hear that you are feeling this way. Oftentimes a major life event such as a surgery can alter the hormone levels or state of your body, so it is definitely understandable why it's possible that you could be feeling depressed. You definitely have a few classic signs present, like lack of motivation and lack of interest and the sadness. Please do not beat yourself up for feeling this way even if you think there are good things going on for you in your life-- sometimes this is a thing that cannot be helped or controlled and you have no say in your emotions. So hang in cause I know it gets better, and I know people care about you, and I know you are capable of getting help. Don't worry about what other people think, but surround yourself with people who care and who want to help you and use their positive energy to get your life back on track. Go to a doctor and see what they say about your condition. Good luck, I am thinking and hoping for you!
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