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emotion depressed, it is so bad but hard to control ....

i didn't do anything and did not want to do anything last weekend just stay at home watching TV all day . didn't say ,didn't eat ....
i know it is so bad but hard to control ....
what's wrong with me ? i keep asking .

hope i will be fine soon and everything will be fine soon.......
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replied July 8th, 2015
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Claire, the occasional dumps are said to be normal. But when more often, i also keep asking. Others say we must take charge of our situations, not just allowing things to happen w/o control, at least to some extent.
I skimmed thru your other post abt another child and think if it's just to please your child to have a sib, that is not reason enough. You may even adopt, w/ all the unwantd kids now, but as you said there are many considerations. If you truly have a big heart and willing to give a big chunk again, many have done it. But if not totally decided, you might as well find friends or relatives to interact w/ your child.
There's a thread i passed by in another site i wanted to post the link to here, but since i cant, perhaps i will the OP. Its a little off topic, but refreshing and hopefully help us think more clearly abt things later.

God's Creative Genius
Take a few minutes to appreciate how amazing and complex God's creations are with me.

The Alligator- Can survive for over a year without food. It does this by moving very slowly in the water, and burning almost no calories.

The Hummingbird- The only bird in the world that can fly in any direction. It beats it's wings over 1000 times per minute.

The Cheetah- Runs up to 75 mph.

The Gecko- Exerts a special adhesive from it's feet, allowing it to climb on almost any surface. It also has the unique ability to save people money on car insurance.

The Chameleon- Changes colors to blend in with it's environment.

The Jellyfish-It can restart it's aging process by reverting back to polyp form, making them potentially immortal!

The Woodfrog- Has anti-freeze blood alowing it to survive the winter by freezing, then thawing out in spring.

The Salamander- Can regenerate lost limbs and even internal organs.

The Basilisk Lizard- Can run on the surface of water. (Nicknamed the Jesus Lizard)

The Angler Fish- Has an organic light attached to it's head used to attract prey and see in the dark.

Romans 1:20- For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities--his eternal power and divine nature--have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.

I have to laugh when people credit this stuff to "mother nature".
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