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embryo is small in ultrasound, already had 3 miscarriages?

My latest ultrasound, showing embryo (too small to measure) and heartbeat was measuring at 6 week -- I should be 7 wks/2 days based on conception. My OBGYN says she has only seen 7 days discrepancy result in healthy baby and says that instead of Aug 7 of conception, it is dating at aug 17. We only did it once, so I can't be wrong. Hard to find any hope of late implantation. I have a healthy child, 13 months but had 3 miscarriages before him. and i am 39, so feeling like it is my last chance at hope. Does anyone have a success story??
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replied September 19th, 2011
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I am not sure I understand your question. A 6 weeks the ultrasound is normally very accurate. It is the first time the heart beat can be seen, I am not sure why they can't measure the embryo.

If you had sex 7 weeks and 2 days ago (August 7 is only 6 weeks 2 dys back!), the ultrasound should be measuring a gestational age of around 9 weeks. Ultrasounds does not normally measure fetal age, but gestational age (starting 2 weeks further back than actual conception).

There is no reason to think that it is your last chance. At 39 it can take longer to get pregnant, but your fertility is not gone by a long shot.

Best of luck.
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