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elevated diaphragm, due to phrenic nerve damage

I had a scalenectomy in nov, 2010 for thoracic outlet syndrome, during which the doc hit my phrenic nerve and left me unable to breath correctly and in lots of pain due to an elevated anyone else suffering from pain like me, i would gladly take the pain in my arm back, if i knew this is how i was going to feel for the rest of my has been over a year now, my doc said it would be a couple days to recover, then a couple weeks, then a couple months, then finally said it would take about an inch a month.....please help me...i would love to be able to do all the things i use to do before the surgery. Just going from point a to point b im fighting for air!
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replied February 27th, 2012
Hello. I am so sorry to hear about your results. I am considering the scalenectomy, and this sounds terrible.

Would you mind telling us who did the surgery so we can all make sure to not go to that surgeon? please?

Also, did the scalenectomy work for your arm pain?

Please feel free to reply or send a private message.
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replied May 15th, 2012
I sent you my phone number just in case you wanted to talk, but to answer your questions,
Dr. Sheikh from the Rothman Institute in NJ is now is working out of Philadelphia...he specialized in the surgery lol....pain was reduced some, but I never received the second part of the surgery, due to the problems from my diaphragm. I am not too good with typing, so if you wouldnt mind calling, I can go into detail a lot more. I wish you the best an d good luck
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