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Elbow stifness after hyperextension

I overstretched / hyperextensed my elbow 8 weeks ago during a fall. A lot of pain during the first week, on the inside. There was no swelling or bruising. Physiotherapist assumed that it was only stretched, without tearing of any bands. Pain gradually decreased and is now gone during the day. However, when I wake up, it feels stiff. After getting out of bed and moving it around, stifness decreases and disappears. There is no further loss of strength or movement.

Since last week, I had a couple of days that I woke up without the stifness. But when doing some light lifting (like my bike into a train or when cleaning the house like a maniac without feeling pain), stifness is back again.

Hoe can I best recover the stifness? Does it go away on its own? Do I need to do more excercises? Give it more rest? I would hate for it to stick around.

Thank you!
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replied April 25th, 2018
It seems I’m having trouble spelling ‘stiffness’...
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