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Elbow Pain - Tip of Elbow (Page 4)

July 13th, 2018
I have this and it's triceps tendonitis. Worse at bed time and sucks. I had a steroid shot in my elbow but it's worn off and pain is back after 3_4 months.
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replied November 25th, 2018
The pain is isolated to a tiny spot on the tip of my left elbow. The intensity of the pain is extreme and seems to be getting worse. Wearing a jacket has become painful. I will consult a physician this week and will post results if it seems helpful.
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replied August 11th, 2019
Found this forum as I have exactly the same intense pain more-or-less on a specific point of the elbow. It started a week ago when I leant my the elbow on my mattress. It now happens if I lean on it, put pressure on it, or even if a jacket or sweater gently rubs against it. The pain is so intense, like an electric shock, that I involuntarily scream.

I thought it might be tennis elbow, but then noticed that tennis elbow does not fit the remarkably specific symptoms of this condition.

If I 'massage" the point of the elbow, I can find the spot, and, like others have said, I can briefly massage the pain away until I hit the precise spot once again.

I've got bone spurs elsewhere so wondering whether it is related to this.

As someone mentioned, I also do tend to sleep with my palm on my face, elbow bent--maybe an aggravating factor?
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