my elbow clicks every morning and even during the day if in a still position for a few minutes. It's increasingly reliable and i anticipate it requiring padding when the cold sets in. Is this arthritis ? I'm 47. Do I need to cut down on my daily citrus

With that is a pain to walk on my left heel when I rise in the morning. What is this ? A prelude to something serious ? Something I should nip in the bud ?
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replied September 20th, 2011
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It is possible that the elbow problems could be from early degenerative changes in the joint. As the the heel problem, that may be plantar fasciitis. This is an inflammation of one of the soft tissue support structures on the bottom of the foot, which attaches at the heel. It is common for it to cause pain in the mornings, because while we sleep, the fascia tends to shorten. Then upon first walking in the morning, it has to be stretched out.

So, you might try sitting on the edge of the bed and stretching the arch before taking your first steps in the morning. Some people do this by running the arch over a Coca-Cola bottle several times (the old glass ones) or something similar to that shape. See if that helps some.

But, if the problems seem to be getting worse and are bothering you significantly, then you should probably see an orthopedic surgeon. He/she can examine both the elbow and foot problem.

Good luck.
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