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17% ejection fraction during HIDA scan

Hello. I have been suffering from many symptoms that vary somewhat from day-to-day, but in general I have felt very ill since December. Here are the symptoms I have been experiencing: diarrhea (usually about 3-5 times a day), abdominal pain (in varied locations), abominal sensation that feels like tingling or numbness, comparable to when a limb falls asleep, nausea (sometimes very severe without ability to vomit), vomiting, and acid reflux (still occuring while on medications). Also, about once a week, I have burps that smell extremely bad (like rotten eggs). On days when this occurs, I also feel a very noticable increase in acid reflux. Eventually, I begin to feel nauseated and vomit. The vomit tastes the same as the burps and the only thing that makes me feel better is vomiting all of the contents out of my stomach. All of the episodes that I have experienced have been this way except for my last, during which I took Reglan and then things changed. About 30 minutes after taking 10 mg Reglan, the egg smell went away and was replaced by that of bile. I also felt relief of the buring caused by reflux. I still experienced nausea and vomiting, although this time I only threw up bile. Here are the tests I have had:
*complete blood count
*h. pylori
*pelvic exam
*stool culture and screening for salmonella, ova and parasites, c. difficile toxins a and b
*abdominal ultrasound
*upper endoscopy
*CT scan of abdomen and pelvis
*Pelvic ultrasound
All of the tests came back normal, except for a somewhat elevated white blood count.
I had a HIDA scan done on 03/5/08...I have been referred to a surgeon for consultation reguarding gall bladder removal surgery since my ejection fraction was only 17%. My gastroenterologist says that this procedure might make my problems worse if I do truly have IBS and GERD. So what do you think? If you have any information that may be of use to me, please respond. I am also interested in hearing about gall bladder removal from someone who has experienced it. Thanks in advance.
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replied April 10th, 2008
Surgery is a gamble!
I had a 17% injection rate. Due to excruciating back pain between the shoulder blades, I had mine removed. It has been a living hell since the operation. Read my story and question under my username, "grunt."
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replied June 29th, 2008
I recently read a book about a trip to bhutan . The travelers seem to be quite familiar with the symptoms of giardia and look for a rotten egg smell . The stomach symptoms would fit . Good luck ! Let me know if by chance that's it.
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