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For about two years, I have not been able to experience the degree of pleasure I used to when I ejaculate. There is a big build-up, but then I just ejaculate with very little pleasure. I've heard guys call this ejaculatory anhedonia, which is a good way of describing the problem in two words.

Most of the other guys who have this problem have been told to use a prostate massager, a gimmick that you insert into your rectum and use to stimulate the prostate. I tried this once, out of desperation, but I was so worried about tissue damage that I couldn't really go through with it.

I have been too doctors, including one urologist, who say that they've never heard of this. I find that hard to believe given the number of guys on the web who are suffering with it.

I think I've finally figured it out. I produce very little semen these days (maybe a drop of two), whereas when I was younger (certainly in my 50s) I shot loads of semen. I think that the pleasure associated with an orgasm is directly related to the amount of semen one produces. A lot of semen produces repeated, strong and pleasurable contractions, while less semen produces fewer and less intense contractions and so less pleasure. Armed with this theory, I began searching for information on how to increase the amount of semen I ejaculate. A consistent recommendation was zinc supplements. After making myself mildly sick by taking too much, I found the right dose, and wouldn't you know, after a couple of weeks i was producing more semen and experiencing more pleasure. This has been limited, though, since I can't seem to get past 3-4 big drops of semen. I'm looking for more info on additional supplements I can take to increase this process.

Anyone have the same problem? I'd like to hear from you.

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