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Ejaculation in condom

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Hi there, on the weekend my boyfriend and I had sex not long after we woke up. He ended up ejaculating (a little amount) into the condom before we were both ready to finish so we carried on for about 30seconds more, he then ejaculated more and then pulled out - we stopped completely then!
We have never done this before as usually as soon as he is done, we finish completely! I am now worried that I could somehow get pregnant from doing this :/ Both my partner and I checked the condom afterwards and it was as it normally is - it had not burst and we could see no leaking or anything so I can only presume that it is okay??

I am on the contraceptive pill too, I am not always the best at sticking to my routine for taking it and occasionally forget to take it - but I do always make sure that I have taken if I know I am going to be having sex and of course always use a condom!

I know to put my mind at proper rest I should just do a test but I hate the fact that you have to go somewhere local (I live in a small town) to buy it in case you are seen?! Stupid I know, but for me I hate the idea of that happening especially if it turns out that you are not pregnant - it only takes one person for rumours to start!
I am a terrible worrier for getting pregnant as it is not something I particularly want to happen - well not at the moment anyways!
I would be grateful for any advice and words that can put my mind at rest Smile
Thank you.
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replied August 8th, 2011
Honestly, you have nothing to worry about. You used a condom, and nothing went wrong. However, you need to be taking your birth control everyday if you want it to work. You can't just take it when you think you're going to have sex.

There's no point in getting a pregnancy test yet. It's probably too early for a pregnancy test to detect anything anyways. Just wait until you get your period.

Rest easy. Everyone gets nervous about pregnancy when they begin having sex, but you'll get more used to it in time.
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