My boyfriend and I have never had sex but we were getting a little on the edge and he got excited and ended up ejaculating on the hole and near my vagina, as soon as it happened, I cleaned myself as soon as possible. But I'm VERY worried?!?? Could I get pregnant???
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replied February 3rd, 2016
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Very unlikely. Some of that ejaculate would have to get into your vagina and your cleanup would have to be ineffective. Also you would have to be in the fertile window cycle days 8 thru 16 of 28.

Please have a serious birth control discussion with your boyfriend. You are going to end up having sex in the coming months and you need to be prepared. Vaginal spermicide is a good idea to defend against accidents such as this, with proper use of condoms for all penetration. Knowledge of the fertile window also helps so download a period tracker to your phone.
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