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Ejaculate inside with pill ?

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If you are on "The Pill" do you let your boyfriend cum inside of you, with no additional protection? Ex: condoms, spermicide..
Yes, but I'm really scared that I'll get pregnant
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My boyfriend and I, at the moment don't even use condoms. He just pulls out when he's about to ejaculate. So the only type of protection is just that. I recently picked up birth control pills (OthroTriCylcen)and I was hoping you could give me some advice. My boyfriend doesn't cum inside of me at the moment, but when I'm on the pills, is that okay to do? Is that what a normal couple does? I just want to know if my risk of pregnancy is greater this way, or if it's better just to keep pulling out with no protection at all. Please help me!
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replied August 31st, 2009
There have been a few women that posted that they used the pull out method successfully for years but I don't recommend it. I think you would be much better off with taking the pill. When used properly, it is 97 to 99% effective. There is much debate about the effectiveness of the pull out method but every thing I have read puts it at about 30 to 40% effective in preventing pregnancy. You do the math and decide which seems safer.
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