First I wanna thank anyone who replies with any information to what my post is about...... Am 25 years old healthy 5'6 148 pounds i been dealing with asthma for a while already its been harsh to me since i never had asthma before only after some kind of virus that went into my lungs i had to get surgery. Doctors made me for death over a week in a coma and then back to life with nutting else done to me. I have been thru all of the meds not to mention brands...... none has helped so far none at all..... To my question and to make it short any kind of exercise i do i go short of breath very quickly I have always been an active kid till that happen and i cant even run half a mile without having to stop and catch my breath for 2 minutes or so to then continue as well as with working out.... Nutting else triggers my asthma am not allergic to anything just to the fact that every time i do what i love more than my life which is working out i have to stop regardless no inhaler will help i have tried everything that the doctor's can prescribe believe me...... if anyone else has any input into this please dont hesitate to reply or contact me i would really appreciate any kind of help to understand more about this.......

Thank you.
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replied July 26th, 2012
Free Radical damage?

I wonder if you're body has an excess of free-radicals from being so sick previously. Any pullutants we're exposed to, drugs (legal or not), illness, all cause a build up of free radicals. Seek a homeopath and get suggestions for anti-oxidants and free-readical scavengers. OPCs are big and work well. Do some research on free-radical damage. Intensive anti-oxidant / scavenger therapy will help "clean" your body/immune system and allow you to function as you once did. You take a shower for the outside - this is like cleaning the inside.
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