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Ehealth falsly accused me of posting an Advert. Poor form

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Hello all,

I am very dissapointed I posted a message in response to anothers. In it I refered to a research paper which is on Google. I do not regard that as advertising.

My posting the link to Google was to assist this person by giving them access to research in case they had not found Google Schoolar for themselves.

I have no relationship, interest (well apart form seeking reserach papers) in Google whatsoever.Thus it appears that ehealth is going to muzzle us in our attempts to help each other.

I have written to admin here, pointing out I do not like being accused of pushing advertising and that they regard giving the urls to information and not advertising is indeed poor form.

I wonder how long they will leave this message up.

If you do not see any more messages from me, you will know I have been banned.

All the best to you all,

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replied February 5th, 2009
Advanced Support Team
Hello Jenny,

Thanks for your message. Occassionally, as we moderate the forums, we make mistakes. Thanks for pointing out our error. It helps us get better at what we do best, which is help people find answers to medical questions.

Lee @ Admin
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