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Effects of earlier drug use on pregnancy ?

What are the long term effects to foetus and child if a woman took illegal drugs for years prior to pregnancy?

So, the drugs I'm talking about are illegal recreational/party drugs including everything from ecstasy, cocaine, PSP, marijuana of all sorts of strengths, hallucinogens, mushrooms. You name it. Drugs smoked, snorted and taken orally (but not injected). If a woman does not take them during or leading up to pregnancy but had been taking them for some ten years plus regularly prior to pregnancy, what are the effects on her fertility and, significantly, the health and expected health of her child once born? Thanks.
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replied January 8th, 2010
Drug Use in the Past
I am not sure about effects on fertility. However, past drug use, such as described by you, generally isn't likely to hurt your pregnancy or baby. Of course, this is only if you leave it in the past. Ideally, you should stop any drug use as soon as you decide to try having a baby. If it's unplanned, but you suspect you may be pregnant you should immediately act as if you are ( drugs, alcohol, etc) until you confirm you are not. The sooner, in the process, you begin to practice healthy behaviour, the better your outlook is. I have even known women who didn't know they were pregnant and used in the early stages..and the everything was okay..but that is not something you want to try out.

Personally, I partied like a rock star up until I got married and continued to party, on occasion, until 3 months before my pregnancy. I had no problems and have a very healthy child. By the time I found out I was pregnant, the second time (10 yrs later)I had major back problems and had been diagnosed with I had just spent time in the hospital, several days before, and been medicated, for my back and had been taking 15mg (low dosage) adderral for about 3 years. The second I found out, I stopped the adderall and did not take as much as an advil for my back...but I was very concerned that the strong pain medication I had been given at the hospital would hurt the pregnancy. Sadly, but not surprisingly, I miscarried. The doctors said it was more likely a simple, genetic problem and that 50% of pregnancies end without any other reason...but it's hard to believe that interveneous dilaudid had no adverse effect. Remember, just because it's prescribed, doesn't mean it's harmless.

Just take care of yourself and you will be okay.

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