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Effects of Androgel on penis

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BACKGROUND--- Hi, I'm 19 years old, 5'6" (if that) 155 lbs, diabetic, and struggling. At first, being diagnost as a type 1 diabetic (13 years old) wasn't a big deal to me. However, throughout my life, anxiety and depression seem to render me incapable of acomplishing anything, including taking care of my diabetes (Doctors never noticed because my sugars would be blocked as a result of my involvement in wrestling). Thus, my bloodsugars were constantly high. However, it wasn't until my freshman year in college(my best year in terms of handling the depression/ my overall health) that I began understanding how my actions, or a lack there of, have drastically affected mybody. For instance, I didn't grow armpit hair until i was 16 (a small amount), until recently i havent been able to grow facial hair (barely and only on my chin), my vasculature has always been a joke ( even though I come from a family with great vascularity), and worst of all my pubic region (everything- balls. wiener, and pubes) has looked exactly the same since I was 14.

QUESTION---After having bloodwork done, and seeing an Endocronologist/ Diabetes Specialist I was prespribed to take 5 GRAMS of Androgel a day. I haven't started using the topical treatment, but I was wondering how it would affected the size of my "stuff" and if I would be able to aply it down there (why/why not). Also, if it would help me with any other of the problems listed above.

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