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Effective exercises to help you stop snoring

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Are you a snorer? Are you tired of hearing your partner grumble about your snoring all the time? Well, you need help. Not because your partner complains, but because it is not something you should ignore.

Snoring means you are taking in lesser oxygen than you should and you need help. If not treated or controlled on time, it can lead to a number of other diseases like blood pressure, liver and digestive problems, heart diseases and even stroke.

You snore due to a blockage in the nasal air passage that connects your nose and mouth to the rest of the body. The tissues inside the throat are really soft and vibrate while breathing causing you to snore. Fat deposits inside the throat or a thicker tongue is often the main reasons of snoring.

So what causes snoring? There can be many causes. Apart from the ones mentioned above, the other reasons include age, excess weight, nasal blockage, sinus problems, alcohol, smoking, sleeping positions, medications, etc. The reasons can be different in different people.

Snoring can be of many types. Not everyone snores in a similar way. You may snore with your mouth closed. This is called closed mouth snoring. This may be caused due to a problem in the tongue.

If you snore with your mouth open, the cause may be the tissues in your throat. If you snore while lying on your back, improving the sleeping habits might help tremendously. However, if you snore in all positions, your reason might be severe and you may need external help.

While there are various ways through by which you can stop this, you can actually do some exercises to reduce snoring. These exercises help you to strengthen the muscles in the upper respiratory tract, thus helping in controlling the discomfort.

1.Place the tip of the tongue behind the top front teeth. Now slide your tongue backward for three minutes a day.

2.Pronounce each vowel - a-e-i-o-u and repeat continuously for three minutes a day.

3.Close your mouth, purse your lips and hold on for 30 seconds.

4.Open your mouth, move your jaw to the right, hold on for 30 seconds, now move the jaw to your left and hold on for 30 seconds.

5.Open your mouth, contract the muscle at the back of your throat and repeat continuously for 30 seconds.

6.Spend some time singing each day. Singing increases the control of the muscles of the throat and the soft palate. This reduces snoring by relaxing muscles.

Exercising can help you in many ways. A little change in lifestyle can go a long way in ensuring that you have a happy life and a good relationship with your partner.
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