I'm bipolar, diagnosed at age 11. I've been dating this guy for a year now, and despite how rough my mental state gets, I try extremely hard to not act out on him. I have never randomly broke up with him, I bite my tongue or run away real fast if I feel myself about to say something harsh or something that will hurt him.
My last two medicines haven't worked. I was on Lexapro, and it did nothing. I was still depressed, irritated, moody, etc.
and now I've been on Wellbutrin for a month. It's helped with depression, but I need more then an anti-depressant so I can treat my other huge symptoms.
Because now that I'm not AS depressed ( I still randomly start crying ), but I'm still irritated ALL THE TIME, and I get urges to tell him not to touch me when he's trying to give me affection. I try real hard to ignore it, and feel myself shaking with anger when he's hugging on me, because I get angry at how happy and carefree he seems...and it makes me feel sick that I think that way.
It's a horrible RAGE, then there's my random crying, my distance, my lack of sleep, and then I get happy, but things ruin it real fast.

Basically, even though I hold myself back EXTREMELY HARD in order to keep him feeling loved and safe and happy, despite my issues right now,

I don't want to do that, I want to manage it and feel good.

So my thing is,
what would be a great combo for me?

Anti depressant + Anti Mood stabilizer


Anti depressant + Anti Psychotic
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replied March 10th, 2009
Effective drug combo
You should be on an anti depressant and mood stabilizer. Anti psychotics are for psychotic episodes such as hallucinations. My son is bipolar.
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