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Effect of waking up in the middle of night and growth hormones

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If you wake up in the middle of the night then go back to sleep and then wake up naturally does this effect growth hormone secretion? I know that there are sleep cycles and most growth hormone is released during the first cycles in deep sleep. I want to grow to my maximum height potential.
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replied August 3rd, 2013
Extremely eHealthy

I don't know the answer to your question and I suspect it would be merely educated guesswork who profess to know such things.

A person's height potential is governed by the genetics of the parents and can be predicted with a fair degree of accuracy (if nothing health-wise goes wrong) simply by multiplying the height at the age of (around) two or three years by 2.

Whether the height potential is reached or not depends on many variables but nutrition, especially during growth spurts, and a healthy lifestyle that includes sensible exercise and adequate rest play a big part.

Unless you want to pursue a particular career that requires a certain height I advise against being any taller than average with average proportions. Some tall people have long backs and short legs and can have much trouble and pain in later life.
Lots of tall people discover the increased cost and inconvenience of clothing themselves and fitting into a world made for the maximisation of profit from the average-sized more than offsets any benefits size gives them.
Being short, on the other hand, means large amounts of tax can be saved by wearing children's clothes.

I suggest you find a university that specialises in your interest and write to a professor there.

Good luck!
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