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Hi Everyone,

I saw my neurologist for the 1st time today. Unfortunately, she was not the type of doctor I want taking care of what may be a very serious issue. The highlight of the appointment was when she told my husband to open her office door and go down the hall to tell her receptionist that she needed another prescription pad.

After only being able to tell her half of my issues, (she's the rushing type) she scheduled me for a Brain MRI (which was expected), an EEG and an EMG/NCS. The EEG is going to be a 72 hour one. I've read all about that so I'm prepared for it. The EMG, I'm a little worried about. I can't even read about it because I saw somewhere that there's a needle under the skin and they move it around. YUK!

Here are my questions...

1. Are an EEG and EMG/NCS normal test for symptoms pointing towards MS?
2. The EMG/NCS, I don't need any details (frankly because I don't think I could handle it) but can you tell me how bad it was if you've had one?

Thank you.
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replied July 22nd, 2009
I just had both those test about an hour ago. Put it this way...I don't like going to the dr and having all of these test either. The only time I have been to the hospital is to have my two boys. But, you will make it through these tests. They are annoying but mine only took maybe 10 minutes for both. My neurologist performed them in his office. I thought I was only going for the NCS and surprise he told me to prepare for the needle. It was nothing I could not handle...especially if you have given birth. I just kept my eyes closed and did not even look at the objects he was using. He told me my results were normal right when he was done. Maybe I just got lucky and had a good Dr, but I really think you just have to tough it out and be brave. Remind yourself that you have to get the bottom of your condition. Good luck!
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