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ED and PE

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Hey all,

Im a 32yr old male having problems with PE and ED. These arent new and I havent really addressed them, only a urology visit about 4 years ago and i asked for Viagra which may or may not work, perhaps its all psychological.

Anyhow, my gf of one month basically told me she is sexually frustrated because i cant stay erect or last long enough for her to cum first because I cum first everytime, regardless of how long (lasting from seconds to maybe 5 minutes).

I dont know what all my options are.. the only ones I know of are getting steroid injections or taking rx such as viagra or cialis. A previous PCP once put me on Prozac but I dont remember what that did for me since I havent dated much. I can make my gf cum by giving her oral but that has gotten old to her.

Could really use some help.

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First Helper limpy

replied June 25th, 2008
PE Problem
Premature Ejaculation are the main problem for nowaday men. Many factor can cause it. All you have to do is try to take some rest and relax...

Work pressure, environment situation are some of the cause of pe, there are so many to name it here.....

Hope that you found your way to solve your problem....
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