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I am 28 yrs old. I always had bad skin problems since I was a young kid. I used to always have bad rashes on my inner thighs and from time to time on my face. Doctors told me back then that the reason for the rashes was due to having a combination of Hayfever, Asthma & Eczema.
I have now grown out of Asthma so therefore, I no longer have Asthma. However, Hayfever will stay for life. I have really bad Eczema on both sides of my legs just below my knees and down. I have been to Dermatologists/skin professionals and I have been given ointments, tablets and anti-biotics in order to keep the skin problems under control. I was always told every time i see the specialists that the bad eczema on my legs are due to having Hayfever, eczema and hugely, Stress. Is that true?? My skin has been this bad for nearly 10years it has been close to completely healed but has never been healed because I have never been able to control the itchiness. My legs get extremely itchy and I just cant resist from scratching it. The condition on my legs is that I have pimple like bumps and are red, from time to time there will be bumps that have liquidy white pus. It is extremely itchy and I would like some help in order to bring this to an end as going to see the specialist regularly requires a fair amount of money which I cannot afford at this present time and that I would like to end this skin problem as soon as i can. It has stopped me from doing alot of things eg. I am too afraid to wear shorts in public due to the bad appearance I have on my legs. It definately has a huge impact on my self-esteem in going places and doing things that I like eg. I love the beach but I cant go because I do not want to show my ugly side of me(my legs).
Please if you can come up with any assistance(especially curing the itchiness) it will be very much appreciated.

Thank you

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replied November 12th, 2009
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I have had the same problems with the itching on the legs...I found that ointment made it worse...I think maybe it closed the pores and I had to take it off...The best relief I got was using ice cubes...Rubbing them across the itching area would do it for me...Like it was freezing the itching areas... Shocked For some reason it stops it every time.... Confused ..

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replied May 2nd, 2010
I have used Mary Kay''s extra night emollient cream ($10) on my hands and legs and I love it. My kids also suffer from eczema, I use Aquaphor on my daughter face and my son''s buttocks and legs ($4-$15).
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