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Eczema; how I controlled my chronic problem

Hi everyone as a sufferer of eczema I wish to share how I have managed to control my skin condition after suffering for over 2 years with chronic eczema. Before I start I know there are much worse conditions to suffer from but severe eczema really can take over your life both physically and mentally and only a sufferer really knows what impact it can have.

I'm a 27 year old male who overall is in great health. As a baby up until the age of around 11 I suffered from mild eczema on the back of knees, elbows and under the ears and that was about it. At the age of around 24 I had a reccurence of my eczema on my elbows and gradually it spread to cover about 90% of my body I have no idea what caused it to come back and equally no idea why it came back with such vengeance.

My skin tone was completely red all over my arms, legs and torso. For about 7 months I even had red patches covering about half of my face. My self esteem hit rock bottom and the pain and agony I went through every day was almost unbearable. I struggled to complete simple tasks such as getting out of bed and walking around the house or having to reach into cupboards as the pain was too much my skin would simply crack,flake,bleed and weep and overall it was in horrible shape.

I had previously visited my Doctor three times over a five year period but once the eczema came back I had counted 15 visits to the Doc within a 8 month period. The usual situation was they give me a steroid ointment which would knock the eczema out for a week or so but then it gradually took over again.

Earlier this year I hit breaking point in May and one night at 1am as I sat in the bath with my skin so dry and cracking I broke down in tears I was at my parents house at the time and they took me to the hospital that night. Upon arrival the nurse rushed me through without even going to the desk as she saw my arms and thought It was a burns injury. I explained my story and they put me in a bed and subsequently I was hospitalised for 6 days.

This is where my life changed and I finally got control over my eczema.

I urge any of you who have suffered to try this action plan and see whether it helps. I know it may not work for everyone but for me it did and considering I had so many treatments both medical and natural this was the only thing that helped.

In hospital my daily routine was:
*Wake up at 6 am where a wet dressing was applied all over my body with bandages. The bandages were first placed into luke warm water and mixed into this was a gentle bath oil the brand I used was QV Bath Oil (Im in Australia) but any eczema dry skin oil should be fine. While the bandages were soaking I was covered head to toe with first a steroid ointment and then on top of that a healthy covering of a dry skin ointment (I used Dermeze it's amazing stuff if you can find it but again most non fragranced ointments should be fine). After I was covered with the ointment they would apply the bandages and wrap me from neck to foot. I was then put back in bed and covered with three of four towels to absorb any water drippage and then bed covers put on and was left for one and a half hours where the bandages were then removed. This wet dressing was applied every day at 6am, 2pm and 8pm.

The wet dressings really did wonders for my skin and stopped the horrible flakiness and slowly reduced the redness. On top of this I was on daily antibiotics as well as starting my course of Prednisolone.

In the six days I was in hospital my skin was so much better the redness had subsided and there were hardly any dry, flaky, itchy areas of skin.

Once out of hospital I had to carry on with the Prednisolone tablets three times a week for about 3 months and was slowly weaned off them. At the same time once a week I was put onto Methotrexate tablets which as there so strong are only taken once a week with a folic acid tablet taken three days after the Methotrexate. I am off the Prednisolone now but still taking Methotrexate and must say I feel both helped.

On top of this I carry out a daily skin care routine which consists of an all over thin application of Dermeze ointment to my body from neck to toe and A QV moisturising cream lightly applied to my face every morning.

Every night before bed I again apply the Dermeze all over but I also apply it to my face this helps dryness during the night and by morning it's absorbed so doesn't leave an oily looking face. I really recommend Dermeze ointment for a dry skin moisturizer if you can find it, it's the best dry skin ointment I have used it has no smell at all and works really well for me.

Carrying out this routine has helped me keep on top of my eczema my natural skin tone is back and whilst I know I'll never have 100% perfect skin and I do occasionally have small spots of dry red skin it's nothing compared to what i went through for the two year period it was chronic.

The hospital I was admitted to were fantastic and as a result they set me up with a Dermatologist at the hospital and I had regular monthly check ups which now as my skin has improved have gone to once every three months they really helped me in showing me what I need to do.

I urge you if your skin is in very bad condition visit your GP and try and get a referal to a dermatologist I know some GP's will try and fob you off with a simple steroid and send you on your way but we need help and a suitable treatment plan like I was given and if your in agony like I was a hospital stay really is needed to get the help you need.

I hope this may help some of you Smile
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replied October 10th, 2013
Great information friend,

I am suffering from eczema. I had a patch on my left leg (on front fold). Is there any injection I can run to get cure from it.
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replied October 10th, 2013
Thank You.

Im not an expert on the subject but Im not sure any injection can help eczema, not that I have been made aware of anyway..

I think the best course of action if it's a small outbreak is see your GP they can see how the eczema looks etc and give you most probably a steroid to help reduce inflamation and clear the eczema. If the problem persists you might want to see a Dermatologist.

If it's causing you any pain I'd even try the wet wrap method at home if it's just on one leg it can be done pretty easily and you could try that out and see if it helps.
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