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Eczema and Hypoglycemia Concomitantly Related?

Hello. This is a personal story concerning about how complex eczema can be.

When I was a teenager, I would occasionally get red, itchy patches on my cheeks in the late winter and spring. At the time my skin problem was minor enough that I could just get away with covering the blotches with concealer and washing it off later, and it would all just disappear in the summer and fall. In college I had only a few episodes of my skin flaring up with these patches.

After I graduated and began my internship, things began to get a lot worse. Suddenly, I found myself having to get up really early and force food down my throat. I was alarmed to find that after eating, my cheeks would completely redden up and down both my cheeks (the blotches never look even), and that I would feel really tired and weak at the same time. With my cheeks covered up, I couldn't really hide the problem with concealer anymore, so I had to just leave it alone. Most of the time, my cheeks would begin to clear up later in the morning, sometimes clearing up completely and sometimes partially. Lunch was another vulnerable time for me. Sometimes when I ate, I would get blood red patches, which was always accompanied by a feeling of extreme tiredness.

Fast forward nearly two years later, and my skin blotches have now become a daily problem. Ever since I moved into my boyfriend's home, my cheeks have been bone dry with patches usually showing up unevenly below the bags of my eyes. I also still get really bad cases of post-eating flushing, with one incident being so dramatic that my face completely flared up, and I felt so tired and weak at the same time that all I could do was go to bed afterwards. After that happened, I began pondering about my blood sugar levels. On the internet I specifically read about reactive hypoglycemia, a condition where a person's blood glucose will spike and crash after eating foods dense with refined sugar and/or simple carbohydrates. To my surprise, tiredness, weakness, and flushing were all listed as symptoms.

You're probably asking what do the skin patches have to do with reactive hypoglycemia. Personally, I think my skin gets blotchy because of an adverse reaction to sugars and bad carbs. And so it follows that when I go to eat a big meal that contains lot of bad ingredients, my blood sugar massively declines. I don't think the flushing is related to rosacea because it exclusively happens after eating and tends to clear up in the sun.

Lately, I've been trying to cut out all sugar and bad carbs, but it's so hard. No one understands. My boyfriend doesn't have this problem --- even my own family doesn't have it. It's causing considerable strain in my relationships. Today I walked out on my family because they wanted to go to eat pizza, a food I've been trying to avoid. My boyfriend is also tired of hearing about it.

I've been hesitant about seeing my doctor or a dermatologist because I'm afraid they're just going to recommend some harmful steroid cream instead of trying to find the root of the problem. I guess my best bet is to get an allergy test done.

Does anyone have any insight into the ideas I have proposed? Can anyone relate to what I'm going through?
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