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Ectopic then miscarriage and RH- blood

Hello, I am wonderng about having rh- blood and ectopic pregnancies and miscarrages. My ectopic pegnancy was my first pregnancy, at which time I did not know I had rh- blood. After all the research that I did, I found out that the Rhogam shot needs to be given within 72 hours of starting to bleed for the injection to be successful and to prevent your body from developing the antibodies to the rh factor. Since I did not know my blood type when I started bleeding with my ectopic, they never gave me the shot until about 2 weeks later, which is obviously way too late to hep. To the best of my knowlwdge, my blood was never teted after that to see if i had infact developed the antibodies.

Now I am going through a miscarriage. Today is a Tuesday, and I was told on Friday that my beta hcg levels were dropping an I as either going to miscarry the embryo or was having another ectopic pregnacy. My doctor did nothig else to further investigate except order another beta for te following week (this coming thursday) to see what my hcg level were doing. This morning I woke up and thought about the fact that I do have rh- blood, an they never told me about having to go for the rhogam shot again, and they never bothred to set anything up with the clinic that does these shots. It has been over the 72 hours window yet again, and I am no wonderng if the fact that I never had the rhogam shot in time after the first ectopic pregnancy could be causing me to miscarry this time and could cause probles with the baby had I not miscarried it. I am also wondering if now since I again have not had the shot within the time limit,if it is too late to have a chance for healthy babies,or if it is going to continue to cause healthy problms with any future pregnancies or cause me to keep miscarrying? I know I shoud have said something to them about the shot and asked about it when they told me i was going to miscarry or have a ectopc again, but when you are told something like that and are completely devostated, blood type is not exactly the first thing on ones mind. Anyways, I hope you can help answer some questons. Thank you
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