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My father aged 59yrs.,was admitted in hospital twice on an complain of heart attack.
ECG revealed ST elevaion in anterior leads, Trop T positive and Echo revealed severe LV dysfunction.

Echo Cardiographic report as follows:

Mitral Valve: Normal
Aortic Valve : Normal
Tricuspid Valve: Normal
Pulmonary Valve: Normal
Left Atrium 2.8cms
Left Ventricle 5.6*4.8cms
LVEF% 30 LVFS% LVPW: 0.7cm
LVEDV ml LVES ml LV Mass Grams
Right Atrium Normal
Left Ventricle Normal
IVS 0.5cms
IAS Intact
AORTA 2.6cms
Pulmonary Artery Normal
Pericardium Normal
Doppler Pulmonary Flow Velocity =0.9m/sec
Aortic Flow Velocity=1.0m/sec
Mitral Flow Velocity: E=0.5; A=0.7m/sec; DT=300ms
Color Doppler
Other Findings

Normal Valves
Dilated LV
LV Regional Wall Motion Abnormality+
Anterior Wall Akinetic
Severe LV Systolic dysfunction, LV EF=30%
Grade I LV Diastolic Dysfunction
No pericardial effusion/vegetation/Clot

So, I request you to please advice a necessary step in view of this report.

I would be very much thankful if you provide answer as soon as possible.
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replied October 30th, 2009
A) I would like to understand what a “Trop T Positive” is in an ECG.

B) I have been advised to get an Echo and Threadmill Test done.
You have stated that Echo Test was also done for yr father.
I would like to understand what all Non-Invasive Color Doppler Tests are normally covered by default, in a Standard Echo.

Pl also read my query under the topics : “ECG Interpretation and Calculations” and “Complete Non-Invasive Color Doppler Echo with all Modes ?” in the same “Heart Disease and Heart Attack” Forum.

Often many labs may have an old Echo machine with rather rudimentary features – I want to avoid such labs. So, how would one look for a lab, which has the latest Echo machines for all non-invasive options of Color Doppler Echocardiography including all the Modes.

C) I wanted to analyse my own ECG and learn more about certain ECG Axis calculations etc. However, I have been informed that currently, we cannot upload any attachment like for eg, and ECG Report.
So, I am curious to know how other users in this forum are getting their ECG Reports analysed.
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