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Eating disorder she has been starving herself !

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My friends just told me that she has been starving herself for a few weeks now, she is 16. she had anorexia when she was nine years old but she eventually was given anti-depressants tablets and they worked, the doctors said it was all in her head. She refuses to tell her parents about it this time though because she doesnt wanna put them through everything they went through last time.

i am the only person she has told but she asked me to promise not to tell anyone,
i told her i promised i would'nt tell her parents or friends from school but i said if she doesn't start eating i will go and tlk to a teacher or an adult that i know she trusts. she wont listen to me when i asked her to go talk to the school psychologist.

How can you help someone that won't let you?

she is already really skinny naturally i don't think her body will be able to cope with loosing anymore weight.

she told me she will try and see if she can start to eat more, but im afraid she will eat when im with her at school but go home and vomit it up and/or still continue making excuses at home for why she wont eat.
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replied March 21st, 2011
sometime people start starving to get smart and in a perfect shape and even in early ages specially girls are too much conscious, but due to this there can be eating disorder in routine life that can invite more harmful diseases my younger sister also had done this for reducing the over weight but got a bad stomach pain but after that my friend told about and I fond nice tablets courses for her by which she got her target soon and with nice health too Smile
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