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Eating disorder..I need help

I'm 24 years old
since I have memory I have had this problem
I don't know what is the cause.

I read about anorexia nervosa and selective eating syndrome
I don't know if any of these eating disorders is the problem I have or if is something else.

for me a sexy and healthy body, should have curves
I've never had obsession with being skinny.
I don't understand why I am the way I am.
I don't like to eat all kinds of food, variety.
I only like about 10 kinds of foods.

my mom has tried for years to make me eat all kinds of food, but when I look at the plate, I feel disgusted. Sad

I have fear, i know it's not good to be like this, I know my body needs vitamins and minerales that different foods can provide, I want to have a healthy and happy life, get pregnant and have healthy children someday.

but I feel that I don't have the willpower to change, to start eating all kinds of food.
I need help, i don't know what to do.
I feel bad. Sad

what do I have?
can someone help me?
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First Helper GreenBeansally123

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replied September 2nd, 2012
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Hi neverbeenkissed and welcome to ehealth: I think you should get some help...Talk to your doctor or a medical therapist to get you on the right track for healthy eating...Anyone can change...But, it is up to you...Take care...

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replied September 3rd, 2012
yes, I think you're right, I think a medical therapist is the best option.
Thanks for taking the time to write and advise.
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replied September 3rd, 2012
I definitely would talk to your doctor and a therapist but in the mean time I think you should take a vitamins and calcium. I am 26 and trying to GAIN weight and cannot no matter what I try to do!! I hope you get the help you need! Good luck!!
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replied September 4th, 2012
thank you!
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replied September 21st, 2012
Hey! I have not been on here in a while and your post was the first I saw. I want you to know that there is no reason to feel bad about yourself. Many people struggle with a type of eating disorder and either don't realize it or are in denial about it. The fact that you have come to the conclusion that this is some sort of issue you are facing says a lot about you.

While you very well could have an eating disorder, maybe you are just one heck of a picky eater Wink
While certain food disgusts you, does it scare you as well? Also, if you don't mind me asking, what type of foods are you comfortable eating?

Those to questions alone can make a big difference when trying to figure out what the issue may be.

I want you to know that you are not alone, and if you want to ask me any questions I would be more than happy to give you the best advice I can or try and help. I have had an eating disorder which stemmed from childhood as well and several years ago it took a turn for the worst. However, I have talked to several doctors, counselors, and specialists and by now I know the ins and outs when it comes to eating disorders.

I will be here for anything you need. I hope you are doing well and hope to hear from you.
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replied October 9th, 2012
Hi, and thank u GreenBeansally123

My English is not very good sometimes in case i make a mistake,spanish is my native language), I don’t know if this is exactly an eating disorder, I think I can't say I'm anorexic or bulimic because I'm thin, I have been thin all my life but in fact I would prefer to be a little more voluptuous Brazilian style or Jessica Biel or Salma get hungry a lot, and when it comes to the food I like, I can eat a lot, and I have never tried to vomit, I have no obsession with being thin.

so I think for me that, makes it even harder to understand why I am this way, it really is something I think all the time and do not understand it.
I'm this way since I was a child, since I have use of reason, I think from the age of four and I'm 24 now.
food does not scare me and I am conscious that I must feed properly, I know this is something that hurts me
My skin does not looks smooth and fresh, my hair falls out a lot, no brightness.

and worse, I'm not sure if after so many years of poor nutrition I will be able to have healthy children and that's something I really wish a lot.
but when I see the food is stronger the repulsion I feel that the strength of will to change.
I like fried or roasted meats, fish, chicken etc.
but if I feel skins or does not look well cooked I dislike it and I do not eat it.
I could spend my whole life eating only cheese, rice and beans.

I do not like eggs, tomatoes, no salad, no vegetables, there are many fruits that I do not like, I have never tasted an orange, because the thought of tasting it dislike me....I think my head is blocked for food, For no reason, I really do not know why I self-punishment.
and yes, definitely I have a problem and all my life I told myself I would be able to change myself because this is something that really makes me feel ashamed to tell people.

because it's weird and it's something that makes me feel bad, I do not feel comfortable at a restaurant or party, I am ashamed and think people will realize that I'm not normal
I do not want them to feel sorry for me or to stay away...but I need help, and I have to look for it, so I know I will have to talk about this with a doctor and friends.

and yes, I would like to know
What kind of eating disorder you had?
How long did it take to overcome it?
and any advice u can give me would be great

Thanks again for your comment
is really good to feel support.
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