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Eating a snack decreases nausea ??

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My wife has been diagnosed with gastroparesis--slow stomach emptying. However, her main symptom is early evening nausea. The nausea is most times relieved by eating a snack. This doesn't seem to fit with gastroparesis. Has anyone had similar experiences? Could there be another source for her nausea--relieved by snack?? Thanks
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replied May 13th, 2010
nausea relieved by snack
I will just say that one thing comes to mind, certain types of ulcers are relieved by eating. But nausea also in general can often be relieved by carbohydrates. It sounds like your wife has seen a GI specialist and possibly had gastric emptying test? Did she also have an endoscopy? if not, I would strongly suggest she have this test, there are also other tests, such as a breath test to test for helicobacter that causes many ulcers. Has she had a ph probe done for GERD? sometimes having food in the stomach, if what she is eating is absorbing stomach acid, could be helping acid reflux. I would recommend that she start keeping a diary of what she eats, when she eats, and all her syptoms, relief of and aggravating of symptoms. And then she can make a follow up appt to her doctor, present the diary for more information and request what ever testing she hasnt had already. This will hopefully give the dr a better picture of what is going on.
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