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Easy bruising , low white cell count

Thanks to anyone who has any insights.
Our 12 year-old son has a medical history that is starting to conern me.

At age 9 he was hospitalized with Salmonella and several months later he had pneumonia. The infectious disease specialist we saw at the time said these were unrelated.
At age 10, we noticed actually what I thought were some time of big bug bits his Dr. said they were bruises. Referred to hematologist who said he does bruise easily and to let the Dr. know should he need surgrery. He gets big bruise from straddling raft in a pool, or a bruise from dog jmping on him. From things I would not think would cause bruising.

Last year, at age 11 he had a several month period where he was very fatigued. Falling asleep in car going place, taking nap after school which he had never done before, falling asleep on couch before school. Dr did rule out mono. He has improved on this, but sometimes still has similar symptoms.

He was recently ill with 103 degree fever, cough with chest pain, fatigue, nausea, abdonimal pain, body pain. This lasted for 4 days and stared his first day back at school after Summer. His Dr. did note that he does tend to get illness like this several times per year with high fevers.

Our son's chest xray was clear, no strep. CBC reveals low white count. That's all Dr. said..I do not know how low. She wanted CBC redone and we are awaiting results. I just thought she wanted to make sure the virus or whatever he had is gone.

Last several months our son has also developed a skin thing with pink and red raised bumps on the back of his upper arms and cheeks on his face. I thought it was eczema. Dr. says no. She says the bumps are fat filled and to use a loofah or exfoliator. This has helped a bit on his face, but not on arms.

Frankly, I was not concerned until this week started thinking about his entire medical history and now I am wondering if Dr. is trying to rule out something serious or unusual.

Just wondering if anyone would be concerned and perhaps see some type of specialist to pull everything together..or perhaps I am just being neurotic as we only have one child!!

Thanks for any feedback..and my prayers to anyone who has or has a loved one that is posting here that has cancer...!
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replied January 19th, 2009
does my daughter possibly have leukiema
my daughter is losing her hair all over they said she has that autoimmune disorder. but i think its more. because she has been bruising really easy and we noticed yesterday on one of the bald spots she has a bruise with a lump, she also falls asleep while eating. and yesterday had a fever. help i need answers. is it possible my 2 year old has leukiema.
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replied January 19th, 2009
I would go to the Doctor immediately. Make an appt as soon as possible. Dont let this go any longer.

keep me posted
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replied January 25th, 2009
it does sound like a kind of blood cancer. The pink dots on skin, bruising, general body pain, and weakness and fatigue. plus the low white cell count. God bless you.
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replied March 3rd, 2009
In response to the bruising, I’ve been using this stuff on my kids for a while that’s been working great. They both play soccer so they get cuts and bruises on their legs often, not to mention they’re just generally rough when they play. I was reffered to this stuff called bruiseMD (b r u I s e m d . c o m) by another mother at school. The ingredients are all natural and it works quickly so it’s a great bruise remedy. Hope that helps!
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replied November 13th, 2009
If you have children that are not thriving or have a weak immune system, low blood counts, be sure to be aware of the following. Many people have food sensitivities and don't realize it. The most likely culprits are wheat and dairy. Try them on an elimination diet and see if they feel better on it. Eating products that they are sensitive to can actually cause malabsorption in some cases which can lead to low blood counts.

Sometimes kids don't eat enough protein or get enough vitamins in their diets. Try to make sure they are getting enough of both. Buy a good quality multivitamin (from a health food store) in order to be sure that they are not missing any thing. Also, it wouldn't hurt to give them a Vitamin D supplement this part of the year, because it has such a powerful effect on the immune system.

I hope your children are okay and begin to thrive. Blessings to you.
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replied November 23rd, 2010
What is R[13]
My girlfriend tells me she has a disease called R[13], something about her white blood cells being lazy, she bruises from even a small poke, I'm only 16 years old, I'm working steadily on a cure for Diabetes type 1, but I'm worried she won't have long to live, I can't find any info on this disease, please if you know anything, a website or if you've even heard of this write me. If it helps at all, she does have a history of lung cancer in her family, although it's very slight, and when she was younger, mold was growing in the walls of her house which has messed up her lungs, she also has a bad case of asthma, please any info would help.
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replied June 27th, 2014
R13 Disease Ring Chromasome 13
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