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Ears ringing after loud music

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Ok, I never go to concerts and I never play loud music in my car. I dont even use earphones and my TV volume is never up high.

Last Saturday I was with a friend and we went to see a small concert in a bar. I'd say we were there for 2 - 3 hours. We were near the front most of the time. The music was loud. After we left we went for about 30 minutes to another lounge where they had loud rap music. I hate rap music so I left.

Since then, I notice my ears are ringing. I am one of the people who get irritated by noise (chirping crickets, fan etc) so I like it silent. Problem is now when it is silent my ears ring.

I can still hear the slightest things, even my automatic watch when its under the pillow. So no hearling loss. But even as I type this, I can hear the ring. It almost went away yesterday but then when I went to bed, it was worse.

I guess now its gets louder and softer. Is this a sign of it going away? I know that there is no rule with loud music, but surly after one concert it cant be permanent? How long does this usually last?

Could I be loosing my hearing? My hearing is fine at the moment. I can hear the slightest noise but also the ringing.
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replied March 1st, 2010
I had severe ringing in my ears and nothing seemed to help me. So I know exactly what some of you are experiencing now. I found a place that helped me alot. Check it out, maybe it can helo you too.
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