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ears feeling clogged/blocked

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HI there,

about 3 weeks ago I came down with a cold about a week before flying. Although, my cold felt better, my ears felt clogged so 2 days before flying. I went to an urgent care place near me and she told me that I have yellow fluid but that it is not an infection. I was given a script for a nasal spray to take daily and amoxicillin to use if needed. I was also told to use afrin 1 hour before flying each way. I did all of this... have not yet used the amoxicillin. but my ears still feel clogged (like i constantly need to hold my nose and blow to pop them). They don't hurt (she told me to take the amoxicillin if they start to hurt) but it is now about 3 weeks later and my ears are still clogged should I start taking the amoxicillin? is there something else I can do to relieve the pressure?
I am allergic to tylenol and x-ray dye

and currently take wellbutrin, advil as needed and claritin D 12 hour twice daily

any help would be greatly appreciated.
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