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early short period

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my girlfriend is always really regular with her cycle. recently, it came like 2 weeks early. or at least it did for a day or two. usually, her period is on the heavy side, but this early one was really short, comparatively. no other symptoms of the period were present either, until a few days later. from my understanding combined with the powers of the internet, early doesn't mean pregnant. we always use condoms, so it would be a slim chance anyways. we did a lot of walking prior to this discovery, and it sounds like her job may be pretty stressful, even though she hides it pretty well. we haven't really changed our diet recently, but she is pretty sensitive to other women, and their cycles. im going to get some hpt's on the way home tonight just to be safe. she has an ob/gyn checkup in a few months anyways, so she can bring it up with them. do you think its just the environment, or should a doctors appointment be scheduled earlier?
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replied April 18th, 2008
Especially eHealthy
Could be just a fluke, too. No, early period is not a sign of pregnancy.

I wouldn't worry unless it became a pattern.
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replied June 22nd, 2010
ive recently had the same problem,, im on the pill but i missed on a week before my pack finished,, then while i was still on the pill i started bleeding its was fairly light and the next day it stopped at night, i never have irregular periods! could i be pregnant help!! x
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