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Early Pregnancy Symptoms? Yeast Infection - Home Remedies?

My Boyfriend & I Have Been Having Unprotected Sex Quite Often For around 3 weeks. So I Know that Pregnancy Could Be a Possibility.

My Periods are Regular But My Last Period Was a Few Days late, Then it was Only Light Spotting For about a 5 Days, Then it Started Heavy on The 8th of This Month & Lasted about 7 Days.. Shortly Before it started Heavy I also Had Really Sharp Cramps That I Would Have To Compare To a Labor Contraction! Not Sure if i Miscarried Or What Happened.. I Was Under ALOT of Stress at The Time But if i Was Pregnant i couldnt of Been More Then 3-4 Weeks.. I also took 2 Test Before The Spotting Started & They Both Was Neg..

Its almost Been 2 wks Week Since i Stopped Bleeding.. About 4 Days ago i Notice a Clear - White Watery Discharge With Small White Toilet Paper Looking Chunks in it. It Wasnt enough To Really See it When i wiped But if i Stuck My Finger inside it Was there. There Was No Foul Odor But I Did Notice Itching. I Was Guessing it Was Some Type of Yeast infection Because We Had Been Using Baby Oil For Lubricant Quite Often & I Read That That it Might Cause it. So I did sum Research on Home Remedies To Cure it & The Itchy Symptoms.

So That Night i Soaked in a Warm Bath With Epsom Salt. I instantly Felt Relief. I Also Slept Without Anything on the area That Night To allow it To Get air.
The Next Morning Repeated The Bath & Later That Night i Took a Warm Bath With Baking Soda instead. I Could Literally See The Small White Chunks Floating Around The Water After 10 mins. (Really Nasty i Know, But Does it Mean it Was Working?) Later After That The Discharge Was almost Gone. It Was Clear & Watery With a Slight Pinkish/brown Color if u Looked Close But Without any Small White Chunks.
The Next Morning i Repeated The Epsom Salt Bath & Felt Fine all Day. That Night My Boyfriend & I Had Sex, I Noticed a Slight Burning Feeling During it But No Pain Otherwise & Afterwards There Was No Foul Smell or Discharge..
The Next Morning When i Woke up The Outside Area Was Still a Little Itchy But There was No Discharge.. When i Checked Later That Day it Was a Little Spotting But Still No More Discharge..

I Believe The Baths are Working, I Was Just Curious if the Discharge Dont Come Back Then How Long i Should Wait on The Itching To Go away Before I Go To The Dr To See if its Anything Else?? Although im Not Really Concerned Because of How Fast The Symptoms Started Improving & its only Been 4 Days. I Just Wanted a 2nd Opinion.

& also, if I Got Pregnant Since My Period Could This Be an Early Symptom? Or Would it Be Too Soon For The Pregnancy To effect Me Like This?? Before I Noticed the Infection I Had a Few Small Tingle/Pains in My Overy Area & My Breast Have also Been itchy The Last Couple Days So it Makes me Wonder??
Any Help or Advise Would Be GREAT! Thanks!
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replied September 27th, 2013
Sometimes when ur pregnant u can get yeast infections easily get an ultrasound
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