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Early period on low carb diet (on birth control)

I've been on the birth control YASMIN for years. I started on birth control at age 17, 3 years before I was even sexually active because I had bad periods. Now I am 25 and sexually active with my boyfriend of 6 years (he's the only guy I've ever slept with). We don't use condoms because he hates them and I'm on birth control.

Here's my question: I started a low carb diet about 2 weeks ago, and to my shock I started my period today, 10 days early. Normally I am NEVER early, I am right on with the "inactive" pills. I've done some searching and there is very little discussion of this subject online, but from what I've read it IS common with LC diets. I am supposed to see my boyfriend in a couple of weeks and I'm concerned about this early period - is my birth control just not working now? I will make him wear a condom if I have to, but I want to know if he has to. Is this a "real" period or some kind of between-period spotting? Is there a risk of me getting pregnant because of this?

One more thing: I want to skip ahead to my "inactive" pills this week, since it seems like a waste to me to keep taking the active pills and be bleeding. Is this ok, since birth control periods aren't real periods? I don't mind having my periods switch to this week of the month from now on. I was concerned I was going to be on my period when I saw my boyfriend anyway so this may end up working out.

**Please do not reply to lecture me. I don't want any "Omg Yasmin is so bad for you!!" or "Low carb is horrible for you" (I'm hypoglycemic and my doctor recommended a low carb diet) or "You should be using condoms no matter what" etc. Please only answer if you can answer my questions. Smile
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replied February 2nd, 2011
Oh! If it helps, I don't have any cramps or PMS symptoms. That's why I was surprised this morning in the bathroom. That isn't unusual for me though, again I've been on BC for years and when I have my periods they are pretty easy to get through, it's not unusual to have no cramps or very light ones.
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replied July 18th, 2011
Early period on pill
I'm looking for an answer to the same question!

I'm also on Yasmin, and hypoglycemic. 2 weeks ago I cut out all refined carbs, I now stick to fruits and veggies and lean meats. I started today, 5 days earlier than normal.

I see that its been quite a few months, have your cycles normalized?

I would really appreciate an answer.
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