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Early labor with 4th pregnancy ?

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If you had more then3children did they come faster in delivery?
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I am 37weeks due 7/12. I saw the doctor yesterday and he said I was still 2cm @ 60% effaced just like week 36, except now the baby is at -2station, I guess this means mid pelvis. Well I am wondering with this being baby #4 if I can go into actual labor anytime now? All day I felt like I need to poop & when i did a clear big glob of white discharge fell out on the toilet paper but no blood, and when i lay down my upper stomach feels tight like I have some presure on it so I try to get the baby to move sides. My concern is I heard with other mothers having 4+children that this one can come faster(not nessisarly earlier) and some only had mild contractions like i'm having, but they're not 2-6 min apart. Is there any way to know that these mild contractions are leading up to the real labor or do I have to wait it out until i can't finish a sentence like one L&D nurse said?I feel real gassy as well & my sides hurt, but the baby is moving. Someone said because of my discharge I am thinning out more, is this true?
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