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Ear pain... consistent with TMJ?

The past few weeks have been awful, and I'm really seeking reassurance about what I'm dealing with. Three weeks ago I started having worsening pain in both ears that I thought were ear infections. I went to urgent care and got antibiotics even though the doc said he didn't see an infection. These didn't help, so I went to my primary care doc who thought maybe it was something to do with my eustachian tube or inner ear. I finally went to an ENT last week who said my symptoms were probably TMJ.

This is what my symptoms have been: constant, aching and stabbing ear pain, up to a 7 in severity (ouuch), and mild ringing in both ears. I had NO jaw pain for the first 10 days - even saw online that ear pain could be caused by TMJ but decided it wasn't since I had no jaw pain at the time. Then on the 10th day I woke up with bad right-sided jaw pain. I've only experienced this one other time, after yawning and popping my jaw open, and during that time I had no ear pain at all. I've had no hearing loss and not really any other cold symptoms. My ear pain is there all the time. I've been treating with heavy ibuprofen and heating my jaw since my ENT appointment a week ago, and have had minor improvement but nothing crazy. I've never had ear pain in the past and I don't think I clench my teeth at night, although I have noticed my jaw being tight during the day a few times. Does this sound like TMJ? I just want it to get better Sad
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replied April 18th, 2018
Looking for help and advice from everyone on this forum!

This problem started 4-6 months after I had my 4 wisdom teeth extracted. The symptoms started with pressure in my ear then ringing shortly after. The attacks would happen every month but started going down to every 2-3 weeks now after 4 years the attacks happen everyday about 5-10 times.

The symptoms of the attack is characterized by pressure in my ears then ringing in one ear (sometimes right or left ear) which result in mostly low frequency hearing loss sometimes mid frequency. To relieve the pressure I have to open my mouth which makes a clicking noise to help relieve the pressure (which only works for 2-3 seconds)

I have seen over 30 doctors by now and have seen 10+ specialists and been at 5 different hospitals in the beginning they thought it was Mnire's disease but since I've never had vertigo I believed in my opinion it was cochlear hydrops.

Many of these doctors said it was all in my head and I needed a psychiatric assessment needless to say I got up and left because of there ignorance.

Finally 3 months ago I went to a chiropractor clinic at the hospital and they diagnosed me with TMJ.

Some of my triggers to an attack include:
1. Dairy (will cause an attack within 1-2 minutes
2. Wheat (will cause an attack within an hour of ingesting it
3. Marijuana (will cause multiple attacks very quickly also mid frequency hearing loss..
4. 2nd hand smoke (cigarette's and vaping if I smell it my ears will ring within 2-5 minutes
5. Wearing an over the ear headset (will cause pressure fluctuations and ringing in the ears within 1 minute
6. My sex life has diminished greatly the pressure makes my ears ring
7. Lying down when trying to go to sleep in any position will make my ears ring ( very hard to go to sleep)
8. A big trigger is also the position and movement of my head.. if I'm looking straight and then suddenly look down it will cause my ears to ring

After countless antibiotic ear drops and nasal sprays also countless other medications the only medication that seems to work is Valtrex 3,000 MG
The Valtrex takes away almost all the symptoms which include 0 pressure in my ear at all times , an attack will only happen once a day to twice a week (it varies) and I don't have to constantly keep opening my mouth to remove the pressure. The Valtrex is only a bandaid effect with the symptoms not with the problem itself!

My life has changed drastically I went from a happy person to hating myself and feeling depressed all the time because of this. Feeling alone because no body knows what's going on and can help me. I have also lost a lot of friends because there sick of hearing me complain and my family is sick of driving me to Appointments and hearing the same result.

If anybody out there can help me with this by giving me advice or telling me what doctor I can visit it would be greatly appreciated! I live in Toronto Ontario.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post all questions will be answered also this happen when I was 18 years of age when I got my 4 wisdom teeth extracted now it's been 4 years since this started happening
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