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ear pain and persistant fever

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My daughter, 17 years of age, has had a fever that ranges from 100.6 to 102.4 degrees and never breaks for 32 days now and has severe pain deep in her ears. She did have ear tubes placed in her ears on 3/25/11 just before the onset of her deeper ear pain and fever. The ear tubes were placed to releive the fluid in her ears as she had acute peripheal vertigo from the fluid, following an anaphyaltic shock allergic reaction with no known allergies. She has been to see two different ENT's who see no evidenceof foreign body reaction in her ears and tell me the ears look fine. She has seen an IDS who gave her augmentin which did not help. She has also done two rounds of zithromyicin and is currently on bactrim in case there is a resistant bacteria involved. Her viral panel was negative, as was mono and strep tests. CBC was last done on 3/18 and was normal. No sed rate was done with this test. She was alos negative for human parvo virus. Immunoglobulins are normal, as was the IGG2 subset ( she was IGG2 defiecient as an infant). The tonsils do swell and have had exudate on them but do not remain swollen. The fever persists. It drops to the 100.6 to 101 degree reange the first three days on a new anitbiotic but rises after the fourth day to the 101 to 102 plus range. She did test postive for microplasma but has had the two rounds of zithromax. Any thoughts of what we should look for?

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replied April 28th, 2011
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