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ear moisture

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my left ear has a squishy consistent i have water in the ear but i don s just "moist". any suggestions on treating this? thanks
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replied June 15th, 2010
Do you suffer from allergies? I do and sometimes get clear fluid in my ears as a result. My allergist told me to get a baby bulb, fill it with a 50/ 50 mixture of white vinegar and water, and clean my ears with it.
*Make sure you use lukewarm to warm water as cold water will cause pain and can lead to an ear infection.* Tip your head to the side, fill the ear canal with the fluid, wait 30- 60 seconds, then place a towel to the ear and tilt the ear to the other side until the fluid has drianed out onto the towel. Then repeat for the other side. *You can do this at any time during the warmer months but want to wait 30- 60 minutes before going out into the cold after doing this. If you go out immediately, any remaining liquid may become cold and cause pain or lead to an ear infection.*
Try this and see if it works. It always does the job for me.
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