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Ear Infection that won't go away

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For about a week now, I've had an ear infection that won't go away. I was initially prescribed amoxicillin, then revisted a doctor who confirmed a middle and outer ear infection in the right ear and a middle and inner ear infection in the left ear. I was given a shot of Rocephen, Ultram for pain and Niacin ear drops. That didn't help at all so 5 days later I went back and was given a steroid shot and Augmentin (antibiotic).

I know I've only had this a week, but it's the worst pain and feeling ever. Sounds are muffled, my ears pop when I yawn or swallow, I can't blow my nose for fear of popping my ears (happened once, thought I burst my ear drum) When I yawn lately, I hear a giant whooshing sound of air running through my right ear. This is awful and painful and uncomfortable.

My doctor referred me to an ENT if things don't clear up in another week, but any suggestions or comments or thoughts?

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replied September 11th, 2011
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replied September 12th, 2011
Swimming Earbands
Rae, sorry to hear of your pain. Given your level of discomfort I recommend you visit your ENT ASAP. they sell swimming earbands and earplugs which are extremely when swimming, especially if your ENT recommends you have grommets inserted. Best of luck - John
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