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Ear Fluttering- Tensor Tympani Syndrome- but what causes it?

Hello to everyone,

For about two months I have had this fluttering , thumping noise in my left ear. i researched on the net and worked out that i have tensor tympani Myoclonus- a spasm of one of the little muscles in the ear. However what i cant seem to find anywhere is what CAUSES these spasms? is it just stress etc? Or are there any other causes? is it linked to any other muscle problems? if anyone has an idea, id be really interested to know about why i suddenly started having this and what causes it?

Many thanks,

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replied October 1st, 2012
Hi Clare i just found your post. I think this is exactly what i have been suffering also. I have recently been referred to ent to investigate further as it is getting to the point that unless i have noise around me it drives me insane. im also getting to the point that when im around loud noises it makes it even worse and feels like my entire head vibrates!!! Im not sure whether this helps but i have been diagnosed with tmj the last 2 months and im still yet to find whether this can cause it. Have you mafe any progress since you last posted?? If you like email me Smile hope to get a response from you Thanks Alison
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replied May 5th, 2016
Kidney stones, tensor typani flutter, hot/cold spells, parathyro
I have this too. Additionally, a spasm in my eye and multiple kidney stones/hematuria, temperature dysregulation (hot to cold over and over) and now elevated paratyhroid. Our medical system is so fractured that the farthest I get is one specialist referring me to another for each symptom. i feel they must be related? I know stress is part of it, and I do all I can to manage it. I also know stress causes real disease and wonder what may be happening to explain all this.
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