Doctor says its a nose to ear canal problem. gave me drops to put in my nose and they worked for the 5 sec i have my head back.

It affects the way i talk when i lie down or tilt i speak fine, otherwise i sound like a sick stuffy guy.

i think it used to happen only after i would exert myself but it has become more frequent now. by exert i mean wake up at 5 am to run for an hour with no food in me, or a 3 hour soccer game, or after sprints in the pool.

but now it seems standing up in the morning is sometimes enough to do the trick, so i just suck it up and work out thinking it'll happen anyways.

haven't worked out in two day and i had a 20 min break from the disturbance, a new record.

please help, as you can see, i love talking too much to let this happen

Thanks for any advice,
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replied August 21st, 2008
Oh right one more thing hot tea or massive ammounts of food help
Forgot to add that tid bit but hot tea or massive amounts of food help also being really relaxed and lazy
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