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dx with BFS due to bodywide twitching. ALS concern

About 7 yrs ago I was diagnosed with BFS due to bodywide twitching. The last 2 weeks I have had twitching that keeps coming in the same spot on my left arm. I am concerned about ALS. I am still getting twitches in other parts of my body as well but it keeps happening in the same spot in my arm (muscle under wrist pinky side of the arm) I did have a neuro appt this week (of course no twitching at that time) & she said it could be bfs or something else brewing.I do not have any weakness or wasting in my arm/hand. I do have brisk reflexes but always have (2/3 whatever that means) & cramps in my calves that have come & gone for yrs.I had an emg on left arm & leg in Apr 2015 & one on rt arm in Feb 2016. All good just mild carpal tunnel in both arms. I have a herniated disc in my C5. Babinski is negative & I see neuro in 3 months unless weakness develops. Does this seem like ALS? If it is BFS how long can it last? Is there anything I can do to help it go away? What else could be brewing?
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replied April 6th, 2019
Hi Julb
It’s been 2 years since your post... how are you now ? I’ve been having the twitches all over for the last 6 weeks ... anxiety is getting the better of me till I can get tested.
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